Robert Julius Condemi

Information Services Integrator

Delivering Controlled Change


The Concept

Managing information systems are critical to your business' short-term profitability and long term strategic success.  Properly implemented, a fully integrated business information system can improve your company's capital management, eliminate wasteful processes and procedures, and enhance customer service.

Typically, organizations that undertake major internal conversion experience extended implementation cycles because of staffing and time commitment limitations.  In addition, problems arise when inadequate training and improper integration of sub-systems fail to achieve promised efficiencies.  These issues often arise due to inadequate: needs analysis, solutions research, and implementation strategies.

Successful systems integration that improves profitability requires exacting attention to detail and a fresh look at new ideas and process improvement.  A competent review of your business' current procedures results in operational improvements designed to take full advantage of any new information system.  As an independent, I will conduct a thorough needs-analysis, perform detailed research, recommend specific solutions, and provide focused and controlled project management.

Focused control of a project requires the expertise to detect an issue at an early stage, determine if the issue requires corrective action, and if so, enact the proper correctives.  This allows your project completion according to defined specifications, on time, and within an allotted budget.  I have developed a three-phase system integration strategy that ensures appropriate systems solutions in a timely and controlled manner.


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The Concept

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Robert Julius Condemi

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