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I am an independent business systems solution provider that delivers quality information systems integration and process re-engineering.  Because I am a uniquely positioned independent, I can provide you with unbiased needs-analysis resulting in cost-effective business solutions.  Successful systems conversion and integration improve your customer service, provide you with efficient operations, and increase profits for your organization. Delivering controlled change.

The three essential ingredients that make controlled change positive are a goal, objectives, and a plan.  Every project generates from one primary global statement of purpose, the goal, and the major sub-goals that direct activity in order to achieved the goal, the objectives.  By establishing clear and precise activities that have to take place, and assembling the resources (people, materials, money) necessary to accomplish these objectives, a hierarchical depiction of the project forms, the plan.

I provide controlled change by first accurately understanding your goals and objectives.  Then, establish a plan with clear and precise activities that have to take place to accomplish your objectives.  To execute your plan, we assemble a structured organization consisting of the necessary personnel, material, and financial resources.  With my expertise, we detect issues early and enact the proper correctives when necessary.  This allows you to complete your project according to defined specifications, on time, and within your budget.

I understand the need to compress cycle time in all phases of business operations.   Therefore, I provide a rapid assessment of your current business situation and propose unbiased solutions to implement quickly, increasing efficiencies and reducing non-value-added activities.  By taking a strategic view of your organization, I tailor systems and operations to meet your long-term objectives as well as delivering cost-effective solutions for your short-term needs.

I have provided services for various businesses and industries including:

Areas of expertise include:

I have successfully applied these concepts and techniques, along with my three-phase system integration strategy, resulting in positive controlled change for companies around the world.  Before your initial consultation, I can supply your organization with a list of satisfied clients and business references.  I want to help lead your organization to continued success and profitability.

"Delivering Controlled Change".


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