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Controlled Change

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I provide quality systems integration services through a three-phased process: needs analysis, solutions research and selection, and project management.


Phase One: "The Needs Analysis"

I listen to your needs and expectations:

The outcome of these interviews results in a comprehensive needs-analysis document addressing findings and conclusions.  Recorded are strengths of your organization that when leveraged, will strategically position your company to compete better against its competitors.  Additionally, I define problem areas that require internal re-engineering or third party solutions to reduce non-value-added procedures.


Phase Two: "The Solution"

To resolve issues requiring third party intervention, I prepare a System Requirements Questionnaire (SRQ) from the phase one needs analysis.  Forwarding the SRQ to potential vendors for detailed responses determines the overall functionality of the proposed solutions.  After resolving any open SRQ issues, the selection process continues with in-house product demonstrations, and discussions or visitations with current clients of the respective vendors.  In addition, I organize and manage a cross-functional review team, consisting of your appropriate employees, to address the strengths and weaknesses of the various solutions.  We then select one or more "best fit" solutions and request formal proposals and quotations.  Analysis of the proposals leads to final selections.  With my experience, industry exposure, and knowledge, I assist in the final negotiation process between all involved parties.   I am there to advise you with every contract.

To close out phase two, I document specific changes to existing business logistics, practices, and procedures with detailed application instructions and flow charts.   This re-engineering ensures integration with selected third party vendor solutions mentioned above to achieve maximum use of your new information system.


Phase Three: "Project Management"

I know that no two projects are alike.  Existing workload constraints, financial budgets, personnel resources, and integration time schedules are only a few of the factors considered before starting a project.  In addition, companies require different degrees of assistance in different areas of their organizations.  Thus, I design a customized implementation strategy and schedule to ensure accurate project management.

I provide individualized project management through such services as:

DOS, Windows (3.x, 95, 98, NT), OS, PICK, UNIX, platforms

INFORMIX, Oracle, Relational Database Management Systems

SQL, 4GL object oriented CASE tools

Stand-Alone, Intranet and Internet Web, Local and Wide Area Networks, and Client-Server environments

Application Program Interfaces (API)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Bar Code Data Collection (BCDC)

Electronic Information Systems (EIS)

Document Imaging


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Products and Services



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Robert Julius Condemi

Rocky Point, New York 11778

Tel ... 516 909 RJC1 / (7521)

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